There are a lot of companies out there selling hemp extracts and products these days. Sometimes it can be hard to stand out, and sometimes it can be difficult as a consumer to sort through and figure out which products are authentic and responsibly crafted into a safe, quality product.

We have tried to simplify the process and provide you with the best quality products coupled with the highest-quality ingredients. We also are involved in almost every part of the process, from the farmer to the final product. Working with farmers all over the Northeast, we consult on pesticide-free, organic and regenerative farming. We use non-GMO ethanol in our extractions and are experts at attaining high yields and retaining maximum cannabinoid compounds while creating high-quality, broad and full-spectrum extractions. Those extractions can be used in a multitude of ways to create incredible products with organic ingredients.

So, from the farm to the mind, we craft our product and diligently test it along the way to ensure you are getting the best products.

Yes — to ensure we are getting clean product to start with, we have strict farmer-approval and material-testing processes that are carried through before material is contracted.

We adhere to all commercial food production food-safety standards as well.

Yes — we source all of our hemp from licensed cultivators in the United States from seed stock that is verified to be certified industrial hemp.



We use super-cold ethanol in a type of centrifuge to manufacture the raw hemp extract, and then we use a set of filtering techniques to purify the extract to a state that is of high-quality to incorporate into downstream products. Once in that state, we can then further extract it with other methods, such as short path distillation, where we bring the raw extract to a high temperature under vacuum and fractionate or break out the more concentrated cannabinoids into a high-quality golden oil.

From there, we can further do another extraction called isolation to isolate specific cannabinoids.

The full-spectrum extract is the least processed extraction of hemp cannabinoids in the rawest form, containing a full spectrum of compounds not limited to but including terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophylls, and enzymes all working together.

The Broad-spectrum extract usually refers to distilled extraction. Taking the full-spectrum extraction, we use short path distillation, which allows for the separating of the terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophylls, and enzymes from the cannabinoids, leaving a golden oil full of purified cannabinoids.

We offer every level of processing, from toll processing to straight buyout of material, as well as three major extract types. We also offer a variety of white-label downstream product options so that we can take your finished extraction and produce a sell-able end product. Those range from tinctures and lotions to specialty products and pet products, etc.

We use third party labs for full panel and microbiology testing.

You can use the contact form on the site or email us at any of the email addresses on the site, and we will get you started. Or contact us at 833.223.3325

First, we talk and make sure we are on the same page, and then there is testing involved if you do not already have the testing required.

After we have approved you and your material, we can then get you into the schedule and work together on the logistics of moving your material to our storage/ready area to be processed in queue.

It will go through our extraction process per our pre-discussed terms, so there is not a delay in your order.

Payment is either charged in accordance with our current extraction pricing or is charged as toll processing.

Toll processing is just an all-out charge for processing by the pound of hemp, and then consecutive charges for any other extractions down the line, decarboxylation, distillation or isolation.

Yes — we will purchase hemp if we can work out a deal that works for both of us. Please contact us if you have hemp you would like to sell.

Yes — we can store the hemp in a climate-controlled environment and are continually working on solutions to store more and more.

Our schedule will fill up quickly this year, but we will be constantly increasing storage and throughput capabilities.

We have completed third party gap analysis to develop an FDA compliant GMP system, currently being implemented.

We are engineer-reviewed and approved for our manufacturing processes, and all products are created in a commercial-rated kitchen. We are also licensed to work with ethanol by the appropriate agencies in our state. All of our equipment nonetheless is rated C1D1 for explosive environments, and we operate in that mindset to always stay vigilant.

We have been in the processing business for almost five years and cumulatively have 20 years of experience in extraction technologies and applications.

We also have people who have been in multitudes of other supporting fields, like large-scale agriculture, greenhouse operations, high-end construction project management, manufacturing, distribution, and logistical solutions, as well as extremely talented product-development staff and just plain mavericks of industry, marketing and finance. We have quite a crew of experienced people,  and we are more than excited about the hemp industry and all the people and products in it! We are looking to be a leader in providing services to the hemp industry to help it grow, grow and grow!