Extraction & Processing

Sugarleaf Labs is a leader in quality and efficiency. We take pride in maximizing the yield from the raw materials that we process and only start with the best, tested ingredients.  We can process hemp flower, milled product or pelletized material into custom extracts and oils–all with no upfront cost.

Before any hemp is processed, our team tests it for molds, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Only the purest hemp makes it to extraction, and our final extracts are tested once again for purity.

Hemp Products

Our hemp oil products are available in bulk as oils, titrated oils, powders (i.e water solubles), and are also available as finished packaged goods.

Starting with the highest quality American hemp, we incorporate the best practices to retain all of the natural and beneficial qualities of every ingredient we use. Our mission is to provide you with hemp products that most similar in composition to the natural hemp plant. Every aspect of the process is clean, fresh and pure — and only from the best sources.

Private Label

We provide a turnkey solution for finished packaged hemp oil goods such as capsules, tinctures, topicals and more in development.

Explore our products page for example products, or contact us today to discuss our private label programs at 833-223-3325.

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